Angela B's Story

What is your business called and what inspired you to start?

My business is called JJB Cleaning, we started in 2019. The main reason I decided to start the cleaning business was because as part of my work for SecretANGELS I noticed the poor condition of some of the clients’ homes. This would sadden me, because the state they were living in was no fault of their own. As most of the clients were either elderly or disabled, it was hard for them to maintain their home alone. I wanted to lend a helping hand because that is the right thing to do. The reason why I work with SecretANGELS is because I enjoy helping others.

How did SecretANGELS help you in regard to your business?

SecretANGELS in partnership with MMAS Foundation, offers an Investors in People Program, in which they encourage and support their ANGELS, to develop their skills and ideas into successful businesses. They have helped me to set up and grow my business as part of this program, providing ongoing support and mentoring. Together, we discussed my idea, smoothed out the wrinkles and agreed on a plan of action. Then, they provided all the cleaning products and equipment to help me get started! If there is one thing everyone should know about those who work with SecretANGELS, it is that the support and encouragement is there from the very beginning. If you have an idea or suggestion, it will be considered and supported.

What is a memorable moment?

We have a client who is blind and when I saw the conditions she was living in, it really upset me. The property was incredibly dirty and to see it like that, knowing that the client was unable to see, my heart just went out to her. I immediately got down to work so that it looked liveable again. I have some before and after images for you to compare the difference. When we told the client what we had done, the heartfelt gratitude she displayed, made it all worthwhile.

I also enjoy helping/supporting vulnerable clients to maintain and look after their own home, as the majority want to be able to do it for themselves, but are not physically able to do all of it. In my work its very important to get the correct balance, by providing just the right amount of assistance, that the client needs to enable and support their ability to live a comfortable and worthwhile life. I believe that everyone deserves to live in a house/flat that feels and looks like a home. That is why I do what I do.

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