Support at home

Support at home

Here at SecretANGELS, our bespoke care caters to a variety of needs. Our demand lead service is here to fit around our individual client, instead of the clients’ needs having to fit around the structure of us at SecretANGELS. Our Live-in care provides an alternative to a residential care home, thus allowing you to stay in your own home with all the practical and emotional support you need.

Anything from light housework and washing up to general household tasks, such as hoovering and laundry. The home is where the heart is and we want our clients to feel comfortable and at ease.

Nothing beats a home cooked meal. Our PA’s can provide nutritious homemade meals, especially the client’s favourites and even help with feeding, if necessary.

Reminding the client to take their medication; collecting prescriptions, allowances and pension benefits; shopping from a list provided by the client; encouraging hobbies and seeing friends.

Accompanying the client to appointments; companionship and friendship; recreational support, social events.