AngelaB’s story

Angela B's Story

What is your business called and what inspired you to start?

My business is called JJB Cleaning, we started in 2019. The main reason I decided to start the cleaning business was because as part of my work for SecretANGELS I noticed the poor condition of some of the clients’ homes. This would sadden me, because the state they were living in was no fault of their own. As most of the clients were either elderly or disabled, it was hard for them to maintain their home alone. I wanted to lend a helping hand because that is the right thing to do. The reason why I work with SecretANGELS is because I enjoy helping others.

How did SecretANGELS help you in regard to your business?

SecretANGELS in partnership with MMAS Foundation, offers an Investors in People Program, in which they encourage and support their ANGELS, to develop their skills and ideas into successful businesses. They have helped me to set up and grow my business as part of this program, providing ongoing support and mentoring. Together, we discussed my idea, smoothed out the wrinkles and agreed on a plan of action. Then, they provided all the cleaning products and equipment to help me get started! If there is one thing everyone should know about those who work with SecretANGELS, it is that the support and encouragement is there from the very beginning. If you have an idea or suggestion, it will be considered and supported.

What is a memorable moment?

We have a client who is blind and when I saw the conditions she was living in, it really upset me. The property was incredibly dirty and to see it like that, knowing that the client was unable to see, my heart just went out to her. I immediately got down to work so that it looked liveable again. I have some before and after images for you to compare the difference. When we told the client what we had done, the heartfelt gratitude she displayed, made it all worthwhile.

I also enjoy helping/supporting vulnerable clients to maintain and look after their own home, as the majority want to be able to do it for themselves, but are not physically able to do all of it. In my work its very important to get the correct balance, by providing just the right amount of assistance, that the client needs to enable and support their ability to live a comfortable and worthwhile life. I believe that everyone deserves to live in a house/flat that feels and looks like a home. That is why I do what I do.

The Apprentice SecretANGEL

The Apprentice SecretANGEL

What inspired you the most about becoming a SecretANGELS apprentice and why did you think it was the best choice for you?

I am studying Health and Social Care at College and decided to become an SecretANGELS Apprentice because I knew it would help me, both with my current studies and future career. I love helping people to experience and enjoy new things. Seeing people happy, makes me happy and SecretANGELS seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Why did you choose to study Health and Social Care?

I wanted to work in an industry where I could help young children with learning disabilities to excel and reach their potential. Studying Health and Social Care will help me to build a solid foundation of knowledge on which to develop my career. Also being able to work with so many people from different backgrounds within SecretANGELS, has confirmed that this is an enjoyable and valuable experience.

What do you love most about your role of a SecretANGELS Apprentice?

I am so grateful for this opportunity and I’m really happy to be trusted enough to just get on with the work. I’m not rushed, but I know I am working to a deadline. I’m a planner, so I like to organise the things that I do. Being a SecretANGELS apprentice there is a lot of administration, so being organised has definitely been an advantage for me. 

Like I said before I love seeing people happy, so working with people from so many different backgrounds and having the opportunity to make at least one-person smile, gives me a huge sense of fulfilment.

How did you become a SecretANGELS apprentice?

I had been speaking with my mum about getting into Health and Social care and studying it at college, when my mum (who is actually a SecretANGEL already) suggested that I contact the founder to see if there was anything I could do to help out and gain experience. When I did, she was amazing and so helpful. The process was quick and simple. I am actually the 1st ever SecretANGELS Apprentice.

What is your SecretANGELS role?

Currently my role is mostly admin based. Organising files and helping with logs. I work with the accountants to organise the money raised from fundraisers, which contributes towards the costs for activities and trips for our clients. I also help with the social media, which is very interesting and make sure there are pictures of the activities, so no moment is missed.

I am starting to help with the workshops too, as I really enjoy spending time with the clients and PA’s. We have different activities every week and seeing the clients enjoy themselves is always fun. I would say that is my favorite part.

What activities / workshops do you help with?

I help with the Money Skills Workshop. Some of the clients do not understand the concept of money. For example: how to count the right amount to pay for their items or to check that they have received the right change, this makes them vulnerable. Sadly, people can take advantage of this. This is why SecretANGELS creates workshops like ‘Money Skills’, to help clients develop skills they can use in their everyday life, so they can be more independent.

How would this experience link to the course you are studying at college?

The experience I get when working at SecretANGELS helps me grasp a greater understanding of certain scenarios. Having hands on experience is very beneficial, we can’t solely learn from a text-book, especially in the field I want to go into. I have really benefited from this. In my exams at college, we get asked about different scenarios, having 1st hand experience will definitely help me answer those questions.

What skills have you developed whilst being a SecretANGELS Apprentice?

Communication skills for sure! I was very reserved and shy before SecretANGELS. I always kept to myself. Being around people almost every day, for the majority of the day, who also may have difficulty communicating with you, has shown me how to adapt and communicate accordingly. Teamwork is everything. Most of the workshops are in groups, so you need to be able to listen to other people’s ideas and work as a team.

What is your favorite memory of SecretANGELS?

My first day, I just felt so welcome. The 1st day is normally the scariest day for any job, however, I felt so welcome and comfortable around everyone. They made my day!


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